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Unbelievable: This guy's fast on every surface!

9 December 2002
Buehlertal, Germany
Sebastian Loeb from France (near the german border not too far away from me) was french gymnastics champion, is reigning World Rallye Champion, leads the current WRC season and has now made best training laptime in his first Le Mans mission with a french Pescarolo Judd LMP - better than the multiple Le Mans Champions in their Audi R8!

So this tiny guy seems to be fabulous on snow, ice, gravel, stones and tarmac - I wonder what will happen if someone gets the idea to put him in a F1 car :biggrin:

BTW: The 24 hours of Le Mans will start at saturday, 4 p.m. local time.


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Watch out for those fast frenchmen. First it is Loeb in WRC, then its Boudeaux in Champ cars. Its been a while since the french have been dominant in ANY sport(world cup is the last I remember).

pretty impressive