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Updated weight savings...

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
And the path to 2650 lbs...

-- Chris


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Man Chris,thats great.Ive been looking for ways to lighten my 97 T but run out of ideas.Ive pulled the spare and jack,engine cover,lightened flywheel and exhaust.I even pulled the hooks off the frame.Im down to 2940 with 1/4 tank of gas without me in the car.Theres got to be a way to drop another 100 pounds.I really dont want to give up the seats or the carpet insulation.


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Why the jack when you have no spare tire? Stock wheels and tires may also shave a few pounds.

Don't think you would even gain tenths after all the weight reductions are complete. Why all the hastle, SC or TT would be my suggestion.
It may not make a difference in a straight line, but at the track the difference is much more significant. I would venture to say that weight, brakes and suspension are all more important on a track than acceleration.
You're giving us all great ideas. Keep it up. I'm always looking for ways to shave wieght without devaluing the car. When that lexan hatch is available, I'll be considering it if the savings is worth the cost. Thanks
Chris, a couple of corrections to the weights you posted. The spare tire bracket weighs only 2 lbs. And the published savings for the single partition divider window on the Zanardi is 4.2 lbs, so the standard two pane version should weigh less than half of your 18 lbs estimate. Dali Racing has already made a lexan version, so I'm curious if you have any improvement ideas. Unless of course your differentiator will be obtainability

Your site is a dream come true. I feel bad even bothering you with the compliment considering that at present I cannot financially take full advantage of all your wonderful products. But little by little with your help I can get my NSX looking alot like that white one over there


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