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Wheels Used set of Volk RE30 with Nitto NT01 for sale

21 September 2002
Lawrence, MA
I have a set of used Volk RE30 in Diamond Black Finish with Nitto NT01 and 4 Volk Center Caps for sale at a price of $2300 OBO plus shipping.

I bought the Volk RE30 from prime member RedYangNSX back in January of 2012. Based on what he told me, he got these through Dali Racing. Dali Racing had the following wheel sizes available for the Volk RE30s when I checked so I assume this is the size of the wheel. I weighed them using a bathroom scale and got those values.

Volk RE30 Size
17”X8.0” +38mm Front approx. weight = 15.6lbs (Clears Stoptech BBK)
18”X9.5” +40mm Rear approx. weight = 18.4lbs (Need minimum 3mm spacer to clear Stoptech BBK)

The Volk RE30s, I believe, had about 4K miles on them when I purchased them from RedYangNSX and I put another 20K miles on them after that. Most of the mileage is street driven but I've also used them for autox and track duty during the past 3 years. I've done about 15 autox days and 2 track days with them. Condition of paint on wheels is okay but not "like new". Some paint is starting to chip on the edge of the rim and it has some scratches on them. The noticeable scratches were touched up. Not very noticeable from a distance, but under close inspection you can see little blemishes in the paint. If these wheels are to be put on a (track car, autox car, or daily driver) I think it would be perfectly fine to use as is but if it's going on a show car then I'd recommend to have it refinished in a color of your choice. As you can see from the pics the wheels are not in bad condition but just not perfect or like new either. There may still be some residual rubber left on them from autox. I tried cleaning them up as best as I could and it's hard to tell if there is still rubber on them or not since they are black.

Nitto NT01 Size
Front 235/40R17
Rear 275/35R18

The Nitto NT01 I got used from prime member Turbo2Go back in 2014. He told me he used them once at NHMS for a track day and then after that he did a couple of autox on them. He gave them to me after he went with his larger wheels. I did one autox with them and two track days with them at Thompson motorsports. There is still some tread left on them so I think they got a decent amount of mileage left in them.

These are pictures of as is condition of wheel. As you can see not that bad.

I tried to take some close up pictures of the paint scratches/chips that I previously mentioned. They are in this photobucket albumn.
http://s100.photobucket.com/user/Xxmidnight_ravenxX/library/RE30 for sale pictures

This is a picture of the Volks with the previously mounted Yokohamas on them.
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