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Using 18" and 19" rims

13 February 2000
san fran
Has anyone had success using 18 and 19 inch tire and wheels on thier NSX ? If so what brands, sizes and offsets, oh BTW my car is lowered.
I'm using the racing hart type c rims too
but mine is 17/40/215 18/35/265
and I can feel my car's obviously slower compare to my 16front 17 rear enkei RP01 rims.
can't really image what'll happen if someone put the 18 and 19 rims.
I've had thoughts of moving to bigger wheels and tires but all my experience tells me not to do so. Over the years I've owned many cars and every time I've tried to modify them I've felt that the modifications weren't as good as the original from the factory. 65 Mustang GT fastback, 69 Boss 302, 73 Dodge Challenger, 76 Fiat X1/9, 77 Lancia Scorpion, 86 CRX-Si, '90s 300 ZX, etc. - I installed Eibach springs and Koni shocks on my '90s 300ZX and it made the ride much worse and the handling no better. The NSX is perfect from the factory, today I made a run of my favorite road here in California, Fiddletown Road from Highway 88 to Highway 16 in El Dorado County (about 20 miles) . I've never done it on my new NSX (only 3,150 miles now) before and it was the best and quickest run of all, without a sweat and not even a hint of ends breaking lose anywhere - man, what a rush!!
In my opinion the 18/19 f/r looks to big for the car, it makes it look like the wheels are wearing the car not the other way around. To me it doesn't look very proportioned.
I have 17s and 18s but I was thinking about going with Racing Hart C5s in 18X7.5 and 19X10s it will work but they are just for looks. www.hrewheels.com makes 18/19s for the NSX too. I have my car dropped 1.5 all the way around and I don't rub at all. I'm running 215/40/ZR17s in front and 265/35/ZR18s in back. I noticed that it raised my car up a little. According to this website I found for measuring overall diameter of wheels and tires the back will stay about the same but the front will be slightly larger! So I think my front will be higher than my rear. So I'd have to get coilovers to compensate for the tire adjustments to make it look level.

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Thanks for the info I'm currently using 17X7
18X9's I want a more aggressive look, Does anyone know of a combo using 18x7.5's front and 18X10 rear and still having the correct ratio?