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Verify stop tech brake rotors postions please

21 July 2022
I purchased stop tech rotors for my 1991 NSX these are the part numbers, beside the part numbers is the position I have found on summit racing website which contradicts others. Is the the correct position for each model number, the boxes did not have the specific location on them on the model numbers.

126.40029SL--Drivers Side Rear
126.40029SR--Passenger Side Rear
126.40028SR--Passenger Side Front
126.40028SL--Drivers Side Front
I have a set of those brand new Stoptech rotors on a shelf, except they are the Cryo versions (so CSL/CSR part numbers) and they are labelled just as yours are.
Each rotor has a small sticker indicating Right or Left side fitment, which indeed matches what you posted.
If the rotors have vanes inside they should act like a pinwheel to dissipate heat..
Best way to orient your rotor if it is not marked is to stick a screwdriver in the vane. The screwdriver should point to the rear of the car when the rotor is mounted. This applies to all corners.
according to the part number, the information I have and the way they fit on my car the slots point to the FRONT of the car not the back when installed by the part number and the vanes are vertical best I can tell.