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Visit One Lap at Roebling Rd - May 5

28 October 2002
Atlanta, GA
I would like to go down to Roebling Road Raceway (near Savannah GA) to see our guys go for it when the One Lap of America has their session there. Anyone else care to go? I'm looking at leaving Atlanta before noon on Wed. May 4, arriving there around dinner time, stay in a hotel that night, and be at the track all day Thursday. Probably just drive right back to Atlanta at the end of the track session before dinner time. That way I can be back to work in Friday.

Time Trial 1 starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 11:30 am. Time trial 2 starts at 12:30 and ends at 3:30.

Anyone else interested?

I am off on a crusise the week before, so I cannot take the time off either. :(
What exactly is one lap of America. I'm here in Savannah, so Roebling is only 40 minutes away. I might want to watch for a little while.
It's a set of races (really time trials and drag events) set at different tracks all over the east coast. They have to drive their cars from track to track, so the cars must be street legal. There are 2 NSXs from our area competing - here's a link to their announcement One Lap announcement.

Here's a link to the official One Lap site

Gonna be really exciting - plus the guys competing are friends and it will be really cool to watch them participate.

I'll see you there, Jeff! It'll be day 6 of the insanity known as One Lap... it's really test of human and mechanical endurance, with some track driving thrown in!
I have put it in my schedule to try to make the afternoon session. I hope to see you there.
All right! We'll look for you.

Should be an awesome display of cars. Several competitors are taking purpose-built race cars and are somehow making them "street legal", and are driving them from event to event on the roads. 2 Radicals, 2 Ultimas, and a Daytona Prototype are a few I know of. Gonna be quite a spectacle I bet.

That sounds great, I'm looking forward to it. Is everyone going out to dinner afterwards are ya'll going home afterwards?
Not sure what Mark (the NSXNut) and the rest of the race team are doing, it's their last event. They need to head back to SouthBend Indiana at some point. Maybe they'll stay around for dinner.

If you and/or they want to do something, I could delay leaving until after dinner. Let's see what happens. It would be fun if we can manage something.

I'm here now. Pouring down rain. NSXs currently in 1st and 6th in class, but fighting problems. Taking photos, will try to ppost a few later.
They're running in this rain? I would have thought they would either cancel the runs or postpone until tomorrow. I should wouldn't want to be running on Roebling in this rain with the concrete patches (slippery when wet) and puddles on the straight. I look forward to the pictures.
Sorry I didn't make it, I had even talked my Dad to coming out with me to watch. I was sure that with the downpour they wouldn't run, and there is no where to watch in the rain but that small covered place you were at. The video looks great! I would have loved to have seen the NSX and the Ford GT along with the other cars run that track. :eek: