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Volk gtc for sale with brand new tires!!!!

9 June 2005
Im selling a set of volk gtc with brand new tires on them they are 17 18 and are on my 94 nsx! Im looking for $2000 and ill give you the receipt for the tires. They have no curb damage or any scratchs on them just look at the pic and tell me what you think. IM in cali socal to be exact so let me know if any1 is interested.


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Could you give us the specific sizes (both tires and wheels) as well as the offset (wheels)? Thanks.
Here are the dimensions 215/40/17 +41 off and the rear are 18/9.5 265/35/18 brand new tires and ready to move out!!!!
Hey kswift-

I live in SoCal too and interested in your Volks. What brand tire do you have on them and can you verify the wheel dimensions? Is it 17x7.5 and 18x9.5 or 10? Thanks!! I live in OC (santa ana/tustin).