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Volk wheels

8 August 2001
I recently ordered a set of Volk wheels for my 95 . Originally 17x8 front , 18x10 rear . Anyway ,the guy that is importing them tells me that the 18x10 won't fit without a spacer (they would rub the caliper). I didn't want to use spacers so , he told me that the 18x9 will fit . I've been waiting almost three months to get these wheels and I feel like I'm get jerked around . What do I do ? Oh and did I mention that the custom Rays lugs that I ordered won't be in for another 4 weeks .Has anyone had the same problem ?Any replys would be helpful .
Originally posted by justin hall:
as important as size, what offset did you order?

I'm not sure of the offset . The guy at the shop "seemed " to know what he was doing . He said that they would handle it for me . I also assumed that Volk would know what they were doing . Now I understand that this wheel is being custom made for my car , but , shouldn't they have some idea . The model wheel is the GT-P . This will be the first set of 18s .
well, I dont have any experience with that particular wheel, but my TE-37's were 17x7.5 and 18x9 with +40 offset. Both front and rear cleared OEM calipers without issue.
Thanks for the support guys . I guess I'm just wanting the wheels to get here . Did you notice any performance increase or decrease ? affect acceleration ? They are very light wheels .Also because of the lug delay , the guy at the shop told me that I could use the stock lugs . Is that possible ?

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GTP's on a NSX... yummy.. I have too see this. Please post pictures. A friend have ordered 18 GTP's and have been waiting about 3 months now.
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
A friend have ordered 18 GTP's

For his eighteen wheeler?

Perhaps for this??


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Way too funny justin!!! It popped up like a bad dream on my screen.

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