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Warped Tour

25 April 2004
Clarks Summit. PA
I maybe too old for this stuff. What is Warped Tour 05? Can some of you younger generation tell me more? What kind of people and music is involved?
Here's a link to their site, http://warpedtour.com/pre05/index.html

Seeing as how you have a mini van, I'm guessing you are too old for this. :smile:

Although I did see Billy Idol listed as a performer.
Since u have a mini van...I'm assuming u have kids...and are asking about the Warp tour?!

Well, it should be much fun, punk rock music, skateboarding, shopping, etc......If I had kids, I would let my son go, not my daughter. u kno... :smile:
You are sharp. I am actually asking for a friend of mine whose daughter is bugging her about going with her girlfriends.
it's an awesome concert. very long, many bands!

motion city soundtrack, one of my fav's played... i missed it, but my friends met the band :(

let her go. it's not woodstock.. just an amazing concert