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WestFest Caravan May 3rd 2017

27 October 2006
If you’re like me, you’re not too interested in going to Wisconsin for NSXPO this year. If you still want to have some NSX fun with other owners then you should join me at the NSX West Fest in Las Vegas on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo! And if you’re going to join me at West Fest, then you should maximize your fun and join me on the two-day drive down to Las Vegas. It’s going to be a drive for the ages and it’s almost enough reason to go to West Fest all on its own!

Day 1: Tracy to mammoth Lakes (262 miles, 8am to about 4pm)


The day starts out on Hwy 205 and continues North on Interstate 5 to Hwy 4 East through the Stanislaus Mountains. Twisty roads, open meadows and alpine lakes are a few of the visual delights along this route. At Monitor Creek we’ll hang a right and head further East on Hwy 89. Eventually we’ll meet up with Hwy 395 just South of Topaz Lake where we head south to Lee Vining right next to Mono lake just before our lunch stop at the Whoa Nellie Deli.
Then we head south for a short drive over to Mammoth Lakes where we will rest up overnight for the following day’s drive.

Day 2: Mammoth Lakes to Las Vegas (384 miles, 8am to about 5pm)


We’ll begin the day with breakfast at The Stove in Mammoth Lakes before heading East on Benton Crossing Rd, past The Benton Hot Springs. We’ll head West on Hwy 120 until we hit Benton, where we’ll head North on Hwy 6 (commonly known as the Extra Terrestrial Highway) and into Nevada where we’ll take a break to look for aliens in the sky. The ET Hwy is also a great opportunity to stretch the legs of your NSX, with miles of straight, flat highways. We’ll pass the infamous Area 51 and the Black Mail Box. (If you know… then you know. If you don’t know, Google it.)
Before jumping onto Hwy 93 and the Interstate 15 and finally arriving in Las Vegas, we’ll make a short stop at the Alien Research Center in Crystal Springs where we can discuss the various oddities we witnessed along the way.

Driving the Extraterrestrial Highway



Looks like fun Roger. I have the boxer national in Indiana that week. Maybe next time. P.s. Let me know your next scheduled meet up when you can...
Just stopping by to wish everyone a fantastic time. I hope everyone has a safe trip and enjoys themselves. I really wish my car was finished and I wasn't leaving town again. :mad: