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What dealers sold NSX

2 March 2003
San Francisco
I am the second owner of my 1998 NSX and I know that it came from Phoenix. I also know it was an end of lease sale so I've owned it for quite a while. I would like to contact the dealer that sold/serviced it to obtain the TOTAL service records prior to my purchase.

Could some one tell me the dealers in the Phoenix area that sold and serviced the NSX so I could contact them, give them my VIN number and obtain the service records?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Might be a tough thing to get. And I would welcome any other experiences people have had. Because I know my NSX has been serviced for the most part, but not all, by South Coast Acura. I have had the car since the summer of 1999. When I asked for a service history from them last year, I got a list that pretty much cut off after a few years. They told me older information was not available because they purge their data files after a few years. This might vary from dealer to dealer though.

I now make it a habit to log any service I have done on the Honda owners website. Hopefully Honda doesn't purge files. :cool:

Peoria Acura 623-298-5939
Acura Of Tempe 480-344-5800
Acura North Scottsdale 480-538-4600
Thanks folks. I keep all of my service records/recipts in a three ring binder. I'll give those dealers a call and see what I can do. I would imagine any work done, aside from oil change would be warrrenty, if anything at all. PPI was perfect.

Thanks again.