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What kind of discounts to expect these days?

I've checked here locally in DFW.
All have been sold.
There was a time that I probably could have got 50K a fully optioned car but the dealer pissed me off; Vandegriff.
I'd rather have a 430 Scuderia anyhow.
I saw that car and talked to Jimmy from Jay wolfe Acura. I was shooting for a price of 135-140 and they didn't seem like they wanted to come down that far.

I ended up closing a deal in Florida (essentially the same car) in my price range.
I know of a white/black that is still available. Can be had for $134K. That's the last "good" deal I know of.
I almost bought that car. Ended up going with another deal because they had better interest rates and a car that was fully loaded for a little more.

Overall not a bad deal though.