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wheel works or hill top?

4 September 2002
San Francisco, CA
I need an alignment for my NSX and I am debating either wheel works or hill top? Don done my last alignment and I am happy with his work, but wheel works have 12 months warranty and only 2 miles aways from my house.

Anyone have aligment experences with wheel works?
I use Ken's Wheel Service

280 - 14th Street
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 543-1568

Tell Sean that Cousin Harry Sent you.
Wheel Works -- you mean the chain? I don't think I'd trust any chain store with a car as rare as an NSX.

Take it to Don. He can do these things in his sleep.
I decided to go with Wheel works as I got $20 discounted. The total price is $75 and Don's price is $98.

The tech said my rear camber would not get back to factory specs. My car is lower with bilsteins and stock spring. The results is -2.1 and -2.4 on the rear :frown: Anyone with bilsteins drop have less negative camber then that?

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