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Wheels / Tires...For sale $2500

12 May 2007
Very Nice Condition (no curb rash)...Coplete set I-forged Wheels.

1) Wheels are a 9.9 of 10
2) Tires Potenza RE-01's can be seperated or included. (these are new 2 months ago with very few miles on them)
3) One rear wheel has 3 cracked spokes, I have spoken to I forged and they have stated they will remove the center piece and replace for $500.00.

NEW Price for everything including shipping anywhere in the USA...$1500.00 I have to make some garage space qwik!!! Whomever gets these can thank me later : )

PS...Tires are new, with very few miles on them purchased just a few months ago, wheels had crack when tires were installed, Discount tires manager looked at em and said just don't track em, you'll be fine, crack got worse, so I did not drive the car. looking for the type-r look, so I have decided rather than fix the one wheel just to sell & clean out the stable. Ship the cracked wheel for replacement to I-Forged, put a set of rubber on the front wheels, and you will have one very killer looking set of I-Forged T-6 aircraft aluminum very high end wheels.



$1500 for EVERYTHING Including S&H Any where in USA


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confused yet...:rolleyes: wheels size...are rear 19x11 fronts are 18x9

Right rear wheel cracked very near the hub, NOT the barrel...was quoted $500 from I-Forge, never got around to sending em in...in an effort to clean out the stable...$1500 & they are yours.

I have driven on them they are straight just needs the center section unbolted & new section put in.

I took some basic measurements as I do not see any measurements on the wheels...

PS the wheels on the Type-R are the actual wheels for sale...just to give you an idea what they will look like on your car.

pm me...

I just found this!!! : )

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Originally posted by 93B18
Nice GPW Miami!

What size wheels, offset, tire sizes, and suspension setup? Any rubbing?
Thanks 19x10 with 275/30 18x8 with 225/35, coil overs

does not rub under normal driving, rubs a bit if you lock the wheel

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