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who play poker?

Best thing to do is to ask your friends if they know of any regular games and or start one yourself. Starting your own even with beginners, the play is still good. After a while the word will spread and friends of friends will want to come etc etc.

That is how we started and now we have 8-12 people 3 days a week. With monthly tourneys with over 30 people.

weed out the guys that are loudmouths or unsportsmanlike by not inviting them back and keep it fun. we run turbo games and can fit 2-4 games in a night with 10.00 buy-ins for the small games and 40.00 buy-ins for the tourneys

Turbo works like this:

-- start the game with 100 points in chips each (not cash value)

-- blinds start at 1-2 and progressively go up (2-4, 3-6, 4-8, 5-10, 10-20-20-40, 30-60, 40-80, 50-100 by then you should be down to the last people)

-- with 6 or more players the blinds go up every time the button gets back to the starting position after a few bust out or starting with less than 6 the blinds go up every six hands (use dice/counters to keep track of each hand)

-- Blinds also go up everytime a player is eliminated

-- blinds are capped at 50-100 (no need to go higher)

-- no limit betting (obviously) this format does not work with limit betting.

-- this setup works for all versions of shared poker games (Omaha, raz, pineapple, etc)

-- 6 starting palyers pays out top 2
-- 7-10 players, pays out top 3 with third usually getting thier buy-in back
-- 10 or more pays out top 4 with 4th getting thier buy-in back

games should not last more than an hour or so and the game strategey changes a little to compensate for the fast blind increases.

good luck and start asking around when you are out with people and the subject comes up.

play online ... lets see i was looking through this poker magazine it had the really young new player Tuan Le on the cover and in the back of that magazine there were listings of all the tournaments in all the local casinos, it listed the buy ins and if you could re-buy or not also the blinds, antes, limit/no limit. To bad i forgot the name of the magazine ... card player ? lol help