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Why don't NSX owners use alarms.

3 April 2000
Ft Lauderdale,FL USA
I have noticed that many NSX owners do not have alarms installed on their cars. I was at EXPO 2000, as well as being a member of a fairly large Florida NSX club, and I see very few owners with alarms on their cars. I know the car comes stock with a few simple security features, and I realize that a professional thief will get your car if he wants it, but I just don't understand why more people don't add a little more security to their cars? It's a small price to pay in the big picture.
I agree that it is a small price to pay in the big picture, but then again, that's why I pay for auto insurance. Personally, I don't get attached to things like that, since it can be replaced. If a thief wants to take my NSX, then so be it. I'll get a new one later.


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That's very true. However, some insurance companies do not shell out the cash for things that were added to the car. As we all know, 'book value' does not take into consideration aftermarket items. Plus, your rates could go thru the roof on a huge pay out. I was paying $59 a month on a 93 Honda Si. The car was stolen and recovered, and the insurance company paid me to get the car back to the way it was before. Rims, stereo, seats, etc... My rate went up to $175 per month after that. They said I was a bad risk, even though I did nothing to get my car stolen. Plus the hassle over the whole thing sucked! (This was not my only claim with them over the years I might add)

I've a had a few cars stolen in my time. Some were recovered while others were never found. I can tell you this from experience (with State Farm at least), if your car is taken and never recovered, the insurance company will depreciate each and every thing you added to the car. This happened to me and I lost out big time! So those of you that have big time mods, think about that before deciding on whether or not an alarm is wortha few hundred bucks.

I realize that having an alarm will not stop everyone, but it sure makes me feel better. To each is own.

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James, the next time we meet and I have my '94 with me, I'll give you 1 hour to try and start my car with the key. I have a fairly sophisticated ignition/starter kill system that the only way you'll be able to take the car away is on a flatbed. Also, I don't care too much for those loud, flashing alarm systems anyway.
I sort of agree with Milien. I agree that if a theif wants it bad enough he'll get it. But I do get attached to things, especially since I've owned mine for 10 years and have taken lots of time in taking care of it and maintaining it. But since I don't have an alarm I rarely park mine in public places. I just hope no one tries to take mine when I'm around that wouldn't be a good idea, lets just leave it at that.
Originally posted by Dr.Lane:
I have a fairly sophisticated ignition/starter kill system that the only way you'll be able to take the car away is on a flatbed.

I have OEM alarm but was actually thinking about adding a ignition/starter kill system. Is this something you created or is it from a company where I can buy it. Also the only thing I wish my alarm did have was a proximity sensor so it could tell people to please not put their oil hands on my paint and windows. It's starting to get annoying having to wipe the windows down and quick detail it everytime I go somewhere. I know it's the price you pay...
I would say most people do not park their NSXs in places a car is likely to be stolen.. or if someone is going to take it, it's usually in a situation where an alarm isn't going to deter them at all. I haven't seen many alarms on Ferraris either probably for the same reasons.

I have an alarm but really only because I hate the OEM keyless entry system.. I think I also get a small insurance discount, but I think the stock "theft deterrent system" would count the same for that.

If someone is going to break into my house/garage and either get key from me or tow the car away (mine has the '97+ immobilizer), an alarm probably isn't going to stop them. I don't leave it out "in the open" at night other than events like NSXPO where there are people watching the cars (this year I think it was just hotel staff but in the past we've also had security guards - even during daytime when parking in higher-risk areas like downtown in a city).

And if it is stolen? That's why I have insurance! Sure I'd be sort of upset, but I really don't take things like that as personally as some people do.

It probably makese sense to get an alarm on a daily driver, but I think most of us use it as a pleasure car so we have a lot more control over when and where we park it.

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I agree with Lud on this as well. I guess I didn't state that I have an aftermarket alarm as well. In addressing Hejo's comment on a proximity sensor, I have the Alpine unit. I know that there are others out there that will say "please step away from the car" or something of that nature. From my previous experience, most people find that type of sensor very annoying and will pretty much trip the alarm. With the Alpine unit, you can set it to either chirp with warning lights flashing or just the lights flashing itself.

Knock on wood that I don't want to have NSX stolen.


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If anyone ever makes an attempt on my car, I hope it’s a pro. At least they get in cleanly. This, versus an amateur who takes a crow bar to the beautiful aluminum body. Can you imagine having to deal with the damage if it’s ever recovered? If my NSX is stolen, I never want to see it again!!

At least I have the privilege of addition protection from a Beretta Mini-Couger 45, a license to carry, local and State property protection laws, and a willingness to exercise all three if needed…. ;-)
Although this doesn't follow the exact thread in this topic, responding to the comment about car values and insurance claims: Having had the unfortunate experience of having my 91 NSX come in serious contact with a deer, I can only say, God Bless "Stated Value" Insurance! Pictures of my 91 can be seen in the Owners Gallery section (Norman Glorioso). When the repair estimates were in, the insurance company wrote the check. No discussion. With a stated value policy you have a third party, in my case an Acura dealer, verify the value of your car when you take out the policy. It can be amended if any significant mods are made. With this information pre determined (depreciation is not a factor) there is no discussion as to the value of your loss. Many exotic and collector cars are insured with this type of policy.
I agree with most of the other posters in this thread -- I don't have an alarm because I never park my NSX in a place where an alarm would be necessary.

Besides, those alarms annoy the heck out of me. I was at a friend's wedding when one of the groomsmen's car alarm starting going off. (He had a totally riced out Integra.) It took nearly half an hour to shut it up -- took so long that it went from annoying to laughably stupid. The best was when a bystander walked up and said "Why don't you just turn it off?" Clearly, we were in the midst of Einstein reincarnate.

As far as stolen stuff, I had my Honda CRX stolen once. Believe it or not, the police found it a month later, nearly completely intact. I got a ride down to the impound lot and drove it away. It even still had half a tank of gas in it!

But in general, getting stuff stolen is what insurance is for. It sucks, but life goes on. No sense annoying the neighbors when a cat decides to sleep on your car.

I wish my alarm did have was a proximity sensor so it could tell people to please not put their oil hands on my paint and windows.
Thats why I had these made:

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Originally posted by SJJ28:

Thats why I had these made:

I like it! Got any extras? Maybe I should get one that says if you've just got to touch it touch here --> (!)

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What is involved in titles that say theft recovery?

If your car gets stolen and you get it back can you lose value when you sell, if you have to list on title that it is a theft recovery?

Does anyone have Lo-jack?
Originally posted by hejo:
Maybe I should get one that says if you've just got to touch it touch here --> (!)

I Love it, Maybe I'll get some of those made!!! My wife thinks that the ones on there now encourage a "keying" I sure hope not!!!

I'm sitting here reading all of the posts on this topic after just authorizing my dealer to replace my malfunctioning ignition so my OEM alarm and keyless entry will work and NSXBAT say's does anyone have a lojack?...I completely forgot that I did have a lojack put on just after buying my '91. But like most others I just drive it for pleasure and usually wont leave it where it would be at risk. I guess if it does get boosted I'm well protected.
I have to agree with James on this topic. Look, I have to park my dream car outside. Yes I probably should have waited until I got a house with a garage; but, I got the NSX bug and had to get one (Actually I got the bug about 10 years ago). But I believe you should have an alarm. It shows respect to your car. And since my car is a daily driver, I need that alarm. Infact I believe I will upgrade to something better. I do not have the lax attitude of "well if someone takes it then I will just get another one". I can't afford such an attitude. In defense to the other replies. If indeed my NSX was just a weekend car that spends most if her time in a garage, I would probably (but doubtfully) not bother with an alarm.
If you've ever had a car stolen you'll wish you had an alarm. The crap and effort you go through is incredible. I had a tricked out truck stolen in LA. After 3 weeks 5 days later the insurance company told me they were going to cut me a check. The next day they found it, parted out (by a bunch of morons I might add). The damn insurance company thought it was better to put it back together than writing it off. So another month goes by before I have it back. I have to admit they were nice and actually bought upgraded parts and it turned out better than it was but still with the time it took it was not worth it. The first mod I did after that was an alarm and kill switch.

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<==== Slightly paranoid

I have an aftermarket alarm - Viper AND a Lojack on mine. Plus a 'Club' ( actually an upgrade type) behind the seat. If someone REALLY wants it, they can take it, but I figured why make it easy. I waited 10 years to be able to obtain my dream and I intend to keep it
Also, the factory alarm and the Viper operate independently. If they disable one, the other is still active

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Originally posted by M5150:
clubs dont work man, dont u watch your infomercials?

This is a new type, not a 'Club'. This has FOUR prongs, two on each side, and someone would have to cut the steering wheel in FOUR spots to remove it. This would leave only the center portion with the airbag. It can be done, but it'll slow'em down

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What exactly is the imobilizer on the 97+'s? Picking up my '91 today at the dealer (after having the alarm & keyless repaired)I noticed the new NSX in the showroom had it ("alarm w/imobilizer") listed on the window sticker. After getting home I tested my alarm and then tried to shut it off by turing the key....nothing happend... I had to use the remote to turn off the alarm, the ignition was dead. How does the '97+ imobilizer differ from this?

Is that you Bob!!! this Kevin. I think you rode down with James and myself when the FL NSX club went to Tampa. If so send me an email. I still want to learn more about what we were talking about. Also, I love you how decked out your NSX with all the various anti-theft mods. All thats missing is a ninja, some guy on acid weilding a flame-thrower, and a teenage girl having cramps. If someone wanted your car that bad after all that, well they must have a grudge against you.

take care...