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Wine & Orchid Cruise

2 October 2003
NOTL, Ontario. Canada
PlOlol Wine & Orchid Cruise
Here we go again guys; our latest annual summer cruise is going to be held on Sunday July 12

As with the last couple years, we are going to be having a cruise in the Niagara peninsula, ending in scenic Niagara - on - the - Lake.

We will be starting our cruise in Grimsby, heading along the upper escarpment with some very windy back roads, possibly repeating a tunnel run and ending up at the historic Queens Landing hotel for lunch at the Tiara Restaurant overlooking the harbour.

The drive will be about 75 minutes going through some very scenic roads that I don't think we've ever travelled as a group.

Our gathering point will be the new Gateway Niagara tourist at 424 South Service Road in Grimsby. This is conveniently located seconds from the QEW, minutes from the 407 and a mere 25-30 minutes from the 401. The address for the meeting spot is 424 South Service Road, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4E8

We plan on getting together about 10:00 a.m. then we'll have some coffee, socialize and depart no later than 10:30a.m. After this we will drive for about an hour, stop to rest our legs and continue on to our destination.

Much like last year, the lunch will be a buffet style which is reasonably priced with excellent service. The nice part about this venue is the proximity to downtown Niagara - on - the - Lake being a short 5 minute walk and ample parking available in their own private lot. I am working with management on a secured area so we can all park together.

After lunch, we will be visiting Mike's Place, one of our newest members, also the Owner of CosMic Plants, one of the largest Orchid establishment in Ontario.

You must join us! Just look at all the fun we've had on previous cruise .

Here's the video from 2013:


Bram.....Sean buggered off to Vagas for another type of Crusie

Sign up here:
1- Bram & Nancy
2 - Owen
3- Daria +1
4 - Mike + 1
5 -Shafik +1
6 - Barry +1
7- Gary+1
8- Tim C +1
9- Mark + Lorna
10- Lucas + Pam

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We have a reservation for Brunch for 25 people @ the Queens landing. This is a very popular Brunch and they will only whole 25 seating for the Club.

Sorry guys, I'm a big jerk and won't be able to make it; but Bram and the crew will more than take care of you. For an idea of what you are going to see at Mike's Orchid greenhouse (Orchid Orchard?!?!) look here:


Not being a connoisseur of orchids, I am told it's really a world class establishment fit yo hold more than two dozen owners of the finest Japanese sports-car ever made.
I will join this cruise with one of my small family (the wife, daughter and son will have to fight for the passenger seat),
and give you the royal tour through our Orchid greenhouse. It is an interesting place indeed and different from just any greenhouse you imagine.


Would love to see 2 dozen NSX's on our parking lot!
See you all on the 12th!
Mark and Lorna Ashworth

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Mark and Lorna Ashworth will attend, thanks.

- - - Updated - - -

Mark and Lorna Ashworth will attend
Only 9 cars??
I have heard rumors that there will be some give-aways at the cruise.
By the looks of things, we may have more stuff to give away than drivers!
C'mon ... who hasn't signed up?
Where is Lucas ... Brad .. Capitan Rick ... Carlos ... Henry ... Bash ... Rob ...?

Only 9 cars??
I have heard rumors that there will be some give-aways at the cruise.
By the looks of things, we may have more stuff to give away than drivers!
C'mon ... who hasn't signed up?
Where is Lucas ... Brad .. Capitan Rick ... Carlos ... Henry ... Bash ... Rob ...?

I can confirm the rumor: a free Orchid from CosMic Plants! One per NSX! The more NSX's the more free Orchids, lol!

Various Concepts in Yellow and Orange.jpg

See you all Sunday!
What a great day, everything was perfect, and touring Mike Orchid greenhouse was an eye opening experience .
Mike on behalf of the members of the NSXCC, we would like to thank you for hosting us, and showing us around your great facility.
Thanks for providing an Orchid to everyone on the cruise too!

Here are some pictures:
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It was a great day indeed! Very nice route through Niagara, thanks Bram (and whomever helped to put this route together!) Great lunch too in NOTL ! And great weather too!
2 pics from the parking at CosMic Plants:

NSX CosMic 1.jpg NSX CosMic 2.jpg

Thanks everyone for joining ! Have a great week

What a great cruise! Perfect weather, and some great twisty roads.
Thanks for having us Mike, I know I learned a-thing-or-two about orchids and green-housing in general.

Here's a photo of the group at Queen's Landing for brunch: