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wings west rear spoiler[ big heavy car slowerdowner ]

3 October 2002
looking for details on install/deconstruct.

would love to understand where da thing is taped
versus clamped, as well as alteration to stock spoiler.

goal is to "simplify" ;], insight is appreciated in advance!!!

ps.. yes roger/rpm217, you goofed me on this @ nsxpo...
meds have not helped.
my therapist said it's time to return the favor upon yellow car owners.... :rolleyes:
jarring bump, anybody good with cinderblocks???
I love em soooo much... i have two!!!
try a chain-saw :biggrin:
The stock spoiler was not used in conjunction with the WW spoiler. The WW spoiler is a complete replacement spoiler. My guess is that it has double sided tape near and around the oem bolt holes (like the oem has). Hope that answers/helps.