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Work meister??? Advice plz

1 March 2012
I need some advice here. I'm in chinatown LA at a shop called autobox. The size are 18x8.5 +38 A disk with fallen ziex 225-35-18 and 19x10.5 +36 O disk with 255-35-19 for 3800 out the door. Its gonna take 8 weeks to get them and they r high polish. Is this a good deal??? Any input would really help. Thanks
I have a set of these on the S2000 for awhile. I bought a set for s2ki.com for $2600 shipped with specific offsets and color delivered in 2 months. I would try checking other large forums such as s2ki or my350z to get a dealer to order the specific set. You'll save more money.
Few things here IMHO:
1) Fronts rims are too wide (unless you're going HellaFlush). Go 18x8
2) Front tires are the wrong size. Should go 215/35/18
3) The rear wheel is overly wide (unless you're going HellaFlush). 19x9.5 is all you need.
4) Rear tire size seems wrong too.
5) All Falken Ziex tires (there are a number of different Ziex models) are All-Season tires, meaning don't expect any real performance from them.
6) If you are getting the Meister S1 in 3 Piece a 18x8.5 +38 in A Disk does not exist.

As a reference MSRP for Meister S1 3 Piece in 18x8.5 is $1000 per wheel.
19x10.5 is $1140 per wheel.