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Work Wheels and tires

16 June 2002
I just bought these from another Prime member and chose to go a different route. I haven't mounted or even put air in the tires. Front tires are 205-40-ZR17 with about 85% tread. Back are 255-40-R17 with same tread.
Need to get what I got in them.
Since the other member wasn't up front and honest with me, I will be the better seller and do so.
3 of the wheels(2 front & 1 rear) are a 8 out of 10. One of the rear does have some very minor curb rash as shown in pic. I would rate it about a 7 of 10 then.
The front tires he included were barely wide enough to fit on the wheel. I have just installed brand new tires on them 235/40/17 Kuhmo. The front wheels are 8 in. wide. I took the car around the block and found to have rubbing issues on the fronts. I have about 1 or 2 miles on them. The TCS light also flickered. That can be avoided by turning the TCS off but I don't want the hassle.
The rear tires are 255/40/17's Fusion and have about 80% life. I don't know the width of the rear wheels but they are marginally wider than fronts.
The center caps are a different story. I have all four but only the rears work properly. By that I mean they screw on correctly to the wheel hub.
The fronts do not. One side(LF) is completely missing the inside threaded portion of the cap. Everything else is there though. The other side (RF) has threads that are partially stripped at the beginning of them. Can be repaired but I don't want the hassle any longer.
Like I already stated, the prior seller didn't disclose any of this info to me before buying like a decent person would've.


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