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WTB: 2000-2001 OEM Exhaust

6 January 2013
Pittsburgh, PA
Looking for a stock/OEM cat back exhaust for my 2001 NSX. part# 18030-SL0-J70 in case that helps.
Please PM me via prime if you have something!
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FYI it's different between 1997-1999 and 2000+. Flanges are angled differently and wont fit each other.
There was only 2 different angled exhaust for the NSX. The old cats (NA1) have a streight pipe and gen 2 + gen 3 cats uses the same 90 degree angle for the front bank cat. The only difference is the welded on tips VS the bolted on tips. Euro NSX has the oval bolted on tip from 1991-2001! Acuras has the oval until 1996. From 1997-2001 they had a round fixed welded tip and from 2002+ they had the round bolt on tip. Why I know this? Cause I stock every exhaust ;)

In fact you can use ANY NA2 exhaust on any NA2 NSX. The difference in part numbers are only the tips and the heat shield color. Acura has black painted while the Euros are plain metall silver. I duno about the JDMs.

For example: 18030-SL0-E00 fits all Euro NSX from 1997-2001. This means it will fit the Acura as well, since the cats are the same. I also stock a -J20 which is NSX-R NA2 2002+ part number and it looks exact the same as the -E00. I am pretty sure it fits the gen 2 and the gen 3 cats. That means all NA2 exhausts should be matchable.
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Here's a picture of the difference between pre-LEV NA2, and LEV NA2, according to Toda (when I ordered my exhaust from them):
View attachment 187085
It's subtle, but there. I had to provide photos of my OEM setup so they could match the model.

This is correct. @austrian type-R Perhaps it's different where you are, but NA2 exhausts and headers vary by year in the US as @Zoom states. 97-99 and 2000-2005 headers and exhausts are not compatible with each other; the rear 00-05 header is 20mm shorter (the 2000+ rear cat is 20mm longer).
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Interesting. Upon closer inspection I see two part numbers listed:
18030-SL0-J00 which is supposedly compatible from 1997-2001
18030-SL0-J70 which is only compatible with 2000-2001.

My intention is to have what originally came on my car so the latter is what I'm looking for, sorry @Srohrer07 !
I have a 2001 OEM removed after about 25,000 miles40FCBE33-370E-4C45-97EA-E70148288655_1_201_a.jpeg