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WTB: Exhaust (Taitec Parallel, ANYTIME, TUBI, RM/B&B)

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12 August 2003
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hmmm... I'm looking into acquiring an aftermarket exhaust for my '91 NSX.

If you are considering changing your current exhaust, I'd be interested in your exhaust...! If you have one of the following exhausts listed below, good chance I'll buy it.

If I don't come across anything in the near future, I'll go through a vendor for a JDM one; I was preferring to avoid the wait associated w/ the int'l shipping.


- Taitec JGTC Parallel or...
- ANYTIME or...
- TUBI or...
- RM_Racing / B&B

Thanks. :cool:
I have two Taitec JGTC Parallels left in stock. Awesome sound! I run the JGTC Center Exits (same canisters as the Parallel) and I love them! Call the shop tomorrow and I will give you a real time sound clip over the phone.

$1249+ S/H ---- You can have it in a few days!

Anyone planning to get another aftermarket exhaust?

hmmm... I'm going to probably place an order within a few days for an aftermarket exhaust. :redface:

If anyone is planning to sell their's or thinking of getting another exhaust, do let me know as soon as possible what you may have! (an ideal situation for you to sell off yours immediately!) :cool:

Re: WTB: Exhaust (Taitec Parallel, ANYTIME, TUBI, RM/B&B) for '91

KANE said:
I have a jgtc center exit for sale in the classifieds

[email protected]

hmmm... I have the 91-01 OEM rear valance, so center exit exhausts isn't practical for me (the Taitec CF rear valance isn't my cup o' tea).

Thanks though.
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