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WTB: NSX, Manual, Clean <26k, I Will Travel

5 August 2011

I am looking for a NSX of the following colors(highly prefer black interior):


Red/black combo only and only if the price is right (least favorite).

Manual trans only.

Would prefer up to date maintenance but not a deal killer.

High miles OK.

Willing to travel!

Try to PM me on here or email at [email protected]

WTB: Manual NSX <30K (no tan interior)

Hi there,

Thanks for reading this wtb thread. I am looking for an NSX with the following attributes:

2) Any color but am trying to stay away from black
3) Miles, under 200k
4) Prefer maintenance up to date but would be willing to negotiate
5) As little mods as possible, except for the type-r CF wing
6) Clean title, rebuilt salvage is OK as long as price reflects this small imperfection

I would prefer:
1) A dealer so I could do payments, always hard to depart with a large sum of money (but I do realize most of these are privately owned and how skeptical people can be of payment plans)

I have no issue traveling anywhere within the continental US to view your NSX but if I visit you, you must be willing to allow me to take a test drive. (One speeding ticket in about 10 years of driving, no accidents, and I have been driving stick all of that time). I am located in the Chicago burbs FWIW.

Otherwise, feel free to contact me here on Prime or at my main email [email protected] but make sure to put NSX in the subject line in the email as I don't want you to get spammed out. The more information you provide the better.

Let's make a deal! :biggrin:
WTB: Manual NSX <16K


I'm again trying to buy an NSX for my dad. He prefers pop up headlights and black interiors. Exterior color is of no significance and neither is mileage. Please only manual NSXs with minor modifications, if any. I am willing to travel if the car and price are right, otherwise I am located in the burbs of Chicago. Anything else is just a bonus.

To contact me either PM me on here or email me at [email protected]

Let's make a deal!