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Wurth Motorsports at Streets of Willow Springs 3-8-2002 only $95!

29 November 2001
Orange County, CA
I am happy to announce our next event, Streets of Willow Springs on Friday, March 8th. As usual, we will be running three run groups, with five sessions per group, 30 minutes per session. AMB-based trasponder timing will be available, and this will be a Challenge Series event. More information is available at http://www.wurthmotorsports.com.

Price: $95 (+$20 instructor fee required for novices)

Duration: 1 day / 2.5 hours of track time per group!*

Track: The Streets of Willow Springs

Registration: Registration is open

Event Info:

The Streets of Willow Springs is a favorite short track in the Los Angeles area, popular with magazines for car tests and an excellent learning track as well. Turns are moderate-speed (35 - 70mph), making it a safe place to take your street car and find its limits. All the turns but one have wide runoff areas of well-packed dirt. This track is highly-recommended for car and driver development due to it's lower-speed, technical nature.
We will be running the full track in the clockwise direction, including the newly-added north loop. Neither the chicanes nor the bend through the infield "A" section will be used, there will be a sweeper through the skidpad instead.

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Strap on an AMB Transponder, and let's make some $10 side bets. I'll have the Pulp S2000 (stock, except for pads/brake ducts/Comptech bar/Hoosiers) at the event. Beat me, and I'll put your picture and your comments about your "unworthy" competitors in the next chapter of The NSX-Files!

-Doug Hayashi

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