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X Games 14 Rally Car Racing

16 September 2002
bellevue, wa usa
Hi there!

Here is an FYI for any rally fans or those who just want to watch something more interesting than NASCAR!! :tongue:

X Games rally will be broadcasted live in two stints on Sunday, August 3rd on the ABC Network from the Home Depot Center. Qualifying begins at 12:00pm -12:30pm and then the competition rounds starts at 1:30pm - 3:00pm.

The course has been redesigned to create a more head-to-head visual appeal and we added a few more surprises! We'll still have the 70 ft jump in the middle of the stadium!


'06 had a crazy ending with Pastrana taking it. Then in '07 drifting champ tanner foust won with no rear breaks. I hope the races in '08 are as exciting as the previous years.
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Oh it will be very exciting and then some. The course is designed to facilitate side-by-side action, and emphasize speed and full-in drifts. You'll see some good battles out there.