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X-Ray Body Scanners at Airports

2 October 2001
I heard they were developing this a few months ago, but it's back in the news. Since most of you guys live in the US, I am curious what your feelings are about this new technology.

<A HREF="http://news.com.com/Photo+Scanner+searches+through+clothing/2009-7348_3-5718274.html?tag=cd.top"><IMG SRC="http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/i/ne/p/2005/524smsecurity135x137.jpg" align=right></A>
<I>"Get ready for electronic portals known as backscatters, expected to be tested at a handful of airports this year, that use X-ray imaging technology to allow a screener to scan a body. And yes, the body image is detailed. Let's not be coy here, ladies and gentlemen."</I>

Theres definitely gonna be some perverts running these things.
I remember reading that in places in europe where they're testing these that only male security guards can view male personel and female security guards can view female personel. Guess that doesn't solve the problem if the security guards are batting for the opposite team though...

IMO it's a worth while trade off if it keeps us safer. As long as weird black and white xray shots of me don't show up on some bizzare web site.