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Xtreme Run Newport 2005 - Sunday, 8/21

10 December 2004
Reminder: Xtreme Run Newport 2005 - THIS Sunday, 8/21!!!

Sunday, August 21st 2005.

Xtreme Events is proud to present the 3rd annual Newport Run!

Judging by the amazing turnout of the Cape Run in June, this promises to be the best Xtreme Event yet. A large turnout by local car clubs and web forums is expected, representing some of the greatest automotive marques in the world. This event will truly be a ride to remember.

Our destination is the Atlantic Beach Club, in Newport, RI for lunch. We will then take a scenic drive past some of Newport's famous Mansions and Coastline. There will be many great photo spots along the way. Camera use is highly encouraged.

Thank you to everyone who attended in June, I hope to see you all again for this special event!



TIME: Please arrive at the South Shore Plaza between 1015 and 1045 for an 11am departure.

South Shore Plaza, Braintree, MA
We will meet in the rear parking lot (behind macy's)

The Atlantic Beach Club, in Newport, RI for GREAT food and EXCELLENT conversation and more importantly a great showing of beautiful cars.

A scenic drive past some of Newport's historical mansions, on to the coastline for a photo shoot.

We have changed the route from last year. It will be a longer drive, some of it highways and some of it back roads. I think everyone will enjoy the new route.

I look forward to seeing everyone in August.

Route maps and directions will be distributed to the drivers at the start of the event.

Please post here if you are interested in joining us, or have any other questions.

Video cameras are encouraged! Be sure to capture this very rare event of so many exotic, expensive and nice cars all on tape!

Thanks! I look forward to seeing you all there.

Below are some pictures from our last Newport Run. Check out more pictures from past events at www.TheXtremeClean.com under "Xtreme Events"


We need some NSXs!!!!!!!!!!!

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An arrangement has been made with the Atlantic Beach Club, who are happy to host us for a brunch buffet. They will set aside a room for our group. They will also try to accomodate all of our cars in their parking lot at no charge!
Alex & Chris Benvie: Ferrari Testarossa
ETW: Ferrari 360
Brandon: Ferrari 328GTS
Bryan: Ferrari 328GTB
Mark: Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster
Will: Lotus Esprit Twin Turbo
Bart: Dodge Viper
Sully: Nissan 350Z
SLK32: Mercedes Benz SLK32 AMG
Holson: Porsche 944 Turbo
Paul P: BMW Dinan S2 M5
Paul J: Saab 93 Aero
Shotime: Corvette C5
Jake: 04 Subaru STi
John: 05 Subaru STi
Bimmer: Hamann Widebody BMW 330
Dan: 03 Mustang Cobra
Mystic: 96 Mustang Cobra
Interceptor: Mustang LX 5.0
J. Corsano: SHO
Looney: SHO
Bruce: Lotus Elise
Finally, something going on in my neck of the woods :biggrin: I don't have my NSX with me but I'll swing by to take some pics at the Atlantic Beach Club.

Lotus Man, I've seen a yellow Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster and a metallic light-blue Ferrari 360 spider in the area. That wouldn't happen to be Mark or ETW would it?

Mark's Diablo is silver and the 360 is a coupe, so now it's up to you to invite those two other car enthursiasts :smile:

Hope to see you there, and some of you other NSX fellas!
1TITENSX said:
Sorry I didn't make it today :redface:

Where are the pics...let me see what I missed out on :biggrin:

My son and I were there - sorry you couldn't make it. He took some videos on his new video camera. Maybe we can post some later.

No loti (spelling?) there, but two F cars, two C6's, a 420 hp S4, a turbo RX8 - I guess gas mileage is out the window!
I did not get my car back in time for the event. Damn those polyurethane suspension bushings...

Photos posted on new thread!!!