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Yesterday I visited Maserati & Ferrari of Central Florida and

15 March 2005
Plymouth, Michigan
Was treated to plenty of eye-candy (auto porn).
Visited the Maserati dealership to view/inspect/ascertain if I could/would fit in the new MC20. I've not previously seen one in the wild.
Afterwards it was only the proper thing to hoof next door to F car place. WOW what inventory - just don't see these cars much in Michigan and Ohio.
A couple of shots.P1110124.JPG
Depicted above are two MC20 Cielos, a 2023 (blue) and a 2024. (very dark blue). Not interested as much in the Cielo, looking at coupe.

See one of these never.


A triple-header of desire: 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, 2011 Ferrari GTO (foreground), and Ferrari Enzo. There is a Ferrari F40 in the background.

Had a nice afternoon 🎯:cool:

We saw a MC20 (in the same light blue) on the road the other day, but initially thought it was a Lotus Emira ;-P

Are you guys just visiting toy boxes, or is some actual shopping going on? :cool:
I saw a MC20, or rather, they saw me in my 20 NC1. Driver went crazy trying to get behind me. He did. Big whoop.
Stopped into Maserati of Cincinnati OH last Thursday. Their website indicated three slightly used. They had five MC20's.
I saw grey, black, white (NEW 2024 Ciello), and a dark red 2024 coupe.
Got to sit in a coupe and I fit. Maybe even a little headroom for a helmet.