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Yokahamas in the Front and _____ in the Rear?

16 March 2000
Southern CA, USA
Sooner or later NSX owners learn something about tires, and now it's my turn. My 95 NSX-T has the original Yokohama tires front and rear, but the rears are needing replacement soon. I want to replace them with better wearing tires and redo the overall alignment for longer tire wear. Is there anything wrong with replacing the rears with a different brand? That is, can I run different brands in the front and rear? What factors should I consider here? I'm not pushing the performance envelope; I commute!


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Running tires with different grip front/rear will change the handling of the car.

Why not throw another set of OEM tires on the rears, then replace all four tires next time (the fronts will probably be gone around the time your second set of rears is).
Lud, thanks for the good advice here. It does make most sense to put new OEM tires on the rear now. Howevere, can I also "relax" realignment to get improved wear, or is it ill advised, because the fronts have some wear? RSVP.