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atlanta nsx
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  • Hi, I'm a new member to the site really trying to get information about the nsx from folks that own them. I am thinking of being an owner myself. I've owned 3 911s so I understand sports cars and handling. I am curious as to some of the things I've read and seen on You Tube primarily from Top Gear guys that say the handling isn't so great? I have no idea as I've never driven one. I now own a Civic 4 door SI, which is pretty cool and handles well. The other thing that is drawing me towards the nsx is the "reliability" factor over 911s which I believe is most likely fairly substantial. I did run into a guy that is selling one that replaced an oxygen sensor, catalytic converters and a fuel pump when his nsx just died. Must have been the fuel pump that caused the "dying", but apparently the O2 sensor malfunction caused the deterioration of the cat converters? Has anyone on this list experienced anything like that that you know of?

    Otherwise, how did you come to be an nsx owner and what are your impressions and have you ever owned 911s? Im comparing 911s to the nsx as that's the only other sports car I would consider. All of them will have to be used cause I'm not rich.

    Anyway, I'm hoping that you'll tell me that they are great as a daily driver. Any information you will give me will be greatly appreciated.

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