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  • Hi man. Your recent vendor thread was moved to NSX parts for sale subforum. You have to create an NSX Prime wiki vendor page, and then link it to your sig. as-per the new rules for vendor/group-buy subforum.

    When you get the chance, make the page & link it in your sig., then you can continue to make your vendor/group-buy threads. Happy holidays, man!
    Vance: you don't know me but I have been watching many of your posts and was wondering if I could pick your head? at your convenience, can you email me or call me on cell 301-807-4500. or let me know when is good time to call you. I have a yellow 2003 NSX which I love but may try to buy another NSX and wanted to ask you. I will be in Tustin, CA on friday too for one day before going out to HAwaii and possibly if convenient for you (not to mention my family), come by and visit you. thanks, Harry Huang
    Hey Vance, i'll bring the raw files to you sometime, is that okay? The files are very huge!! I'll upload them to Youtube soon.
    Merry Christmas!!

    It's Eric btw :p See ya around!!
    I love you Vancehu!!! :) Me llaman (aka 'call moi') ! I would love to catchup with you.... Soooo Adorable!! :) :) <>< *Merminator*
    Hey Vance... as you are in contact/business w/ a Japanese OEM Honda parts supplier, there is a great need for some JDM OEM '08 Honda Inspire parts for the US '08 Accord sedan owners that I know on another forum (ie. trunk-lid rear garnish & tail-light reflectors, front-grille, turn-signal side-mirrors, door-sills, trunk-lid lip-spoiler, shift-knobs/boots, rear trash-bin, rear-sunshade, interior-trim, etc').

    I can send you the details of what is needed exactly, how many, etc'. Good way for you to make some money, as well as perhaps improve your JDM OEM NSX-R parts fob prives (through volume of other parts purchased).

    If your interested, let me know soon. I'd rather want a friend/comrade benefit than a stranger. Besides, if we sell enough... mebbe' I can get some Type-S seats!?!
    RTDA wasn't good this year? I've gone to a few in the past (ie. Tampa, San Antonio, etc'), they were quite good/memorable. My uncle in Redondo Beach is a major vendor marble/onyx/brass smoking handi-crafts/accessories, www.usmanimports.com.

    What's your business web-site?
    Hey Vance, long time no talk. I'm going to be in HB today and I'm in the mood for Hookah. Where's your new place at? Anyways hope all is well.

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