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  • All is good retired now at 52 sweet! Boys are good!Cam my younger son has a great girlfriend, Doug my older son has commitment issues I think? Sorry to here about the 14 k engine work OUCH!!! Keep in touch and God Bless
    Thanks for the message, gal. I do hope all is well w/ you & familia in SoFl'. Good to hear that you're no longer a vagabond & back in your comfy-zone! =)
    hey dawn, i was surprised to get a friendship request from you -- i havent heard from you in AGES. Does this mean you're back?
    take care
    Welcome Back.
    The computer is smarter than me tonight; actually pretty much all of the time.
    Hey Babe havent talked to you in forever but I still have you on AIM hit me up when you have time or call me my number is the same
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