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  • Hello Brian..Having sporadic trouble with a/c..Could I send you the entire unit or circuit board?
    Hello Brian, I am having an issue with A/C not working and the troubleshooting guide in the manual (pg 22-50) points to the climate control unit not working. Are you still doing repairs on these?

    For the last 2 years the compressor/fans had been working sporadically, but now won't come on at all.
    -- Battery voltage present at pin #13 of the 30-pin
    -- Fans work when using a jumper at the relay.
    -- No A/C clutch engagement when jumping the pressure switch.

    I'm in the Minneapolis area and can send the unit to you.

    Hi Brian ! Emailed you yesterday. AC only works on fan max high speed!??1 Help! I have the whole unit out of the dash. Ready to ship!
    Hi Brian,
    I recently have a issue with my fan speed on my climate control. The fan speed only works on high, all other levels the blower/fan won't come on. Is this a malfunction of the climate control unit or the blower motor?
    Hi Briank,

    My name is Long, from Australia. I have picked up a nsx for nearly a year now, been working on fixing it up to working condition. The problem I have with the climate control will sound very familiar to you as you have helped many members here to fix.

    Climate control and air conds works but only on high. Recently, when it had been turning on, off, on then off. . When it works it still blow out cool air. Could you help me fix it?


    Hi Long I too have just bought an nsx and having the same issues as you. I suspect the module needs repair How did your repairs go? what was the cost?
    I live in adelaide Australia
    Hey briank I wanna get my ac unit fixed. How much will it be and will I have to send you mine? Or will you send me a fixed one then I will send you mine after? Let me know please.
    Thanks shane

    Hope all is well with your flying ....I have been working on the plane here and there...

    Again hope all is well
    Thanks for the CCU repair Brian! Everything works great! Thanks for the quick turn-around even during the holidays.

    Brian repaired my ACC control board. sent him the ACC unit on last monday, and i got it back exactly 1 week later! fast respond and fast repaired!!

    Andy, repair is $135 or $170 depending on if you send the whole unit or just the control board. Email me at [email protected] and I will give you my shipping address

    Hi Brian - I have a 1998 with teh standard CCU problem of high only. Can you let me know cost and process for this please? Sounds like you do great work

    I am sending the ccu unit to you today. please advise as to cost and method of payment at your convenience.


    Dave Crampton
    Morning..........I was advised to contact you regarding my EPS unit which I was told was toast. Please read my post in the Canadian section or Electronics area and read the situation. I hope you may have some insight for me.


    [email protected]
    Hi, brian. would you happen to have an amp for the driver door speaker assembly? ...or the whole assembly, even?
    Hey briank i didnt send my climate control to you yet because i am leaking freon and i went through some more problems. Im going to post a new problem i may have and hopefully u can be some help.
    i looked on your website and it says 145 for repair? am i correct? ok so where do i send my ccu(address) and is there any other charges im missing?
    the compressor is running. also i see the freon moving inside the site glass. sorry if im not clear i will try again.

    1st.. fireston drained the old freon out

    2nd.. recharged with freon along with dye for leakage.

    3rd ..a/c ran fine for few days then blows hot and been that way every since.
    Hello my name is mike. I have had my a/c charged with freon and was blowing fine and after a while it blows hot. The guy at a firestone dealer says there were no leaks and that he thinks it may be my climate control. I would like to fix it but i wanted a 2nd opinion on this. Is there another way to tell if he is correct if u know? Thanks.
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