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  • Jim, sorry to bother you I am new to this site, and a only had my nsx for a fews months now anyway how did you add the photo to your reply? I have tried it before with no luck what am i not doing? thanks
    Jim, Yesterday Bill at Performance alignment checked my C4S for wheel balance and alignment....I gave him the e-mail you sent me regarding the camber adj. which he did. What was interesting....I complained about the ride with the ContiSportContact2's on my Porsche, versus the ContiSportContact3's on my NSX, and when he was balancing, he said the right rear wheel was a "road force 45", and he said they should always be below 18. I had never heard that terminology before, but after Bill did his magic, the ride is unblievable!

    By the way, he ended up switching my right and left rear tires, to get the road force to 16...

    I talked to Dave Proffitt at Porsche of the Village, and he said they also use the road force balancing now...evidently it's new in the last 5 years!
    Jim, there is a new post on the Bluegrass website dated 6-23-09....OVR-PCA has the track for August 28th>30th, but I didn't register yet....maybe we need to?
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