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  • Bill and i would like to stop by to show you his car tomorrow....are you busy for some company?

    Thanks for helping w/Bill's car issues and what a great BBQ we had at your house :)...we are very lucky to have knowledgeable person like you to ask. I hope you can hook him up w/your engine mechanic soon. I hope things are going well w/you.
    Oh yeah that is correct, we will have to, hey wait a minute I have a new Cantrel front spoiler coming do you guys do the install and I will need it painted also? I can get everything done at once then, drop off the car/front lip and pick up the parts?
    Wow Rick, it sounds like you've been BUSY! It's great to hear from you. At least you've had some fun involved even though the R&P issue arised. I'm sorry to hear the car is down now, but I'm sure you'll have it ready for next season. I'll have to get out there and check it out. By the way, don't forget in the mean time that I still have your old manifold.
    Hey bro, I hav'nt talked to you for a while. Just wanted to say good luck this weekend and be safe driving the atlantic car. Hit me up on my cell sometime and maybe we can meet up. 206-890-4479. Also just a reminder I still have your stock manifold in my shop. Do you want me to pitch it or do still want it? Let me know.
    Hey Rick, Thanks for coming in today. Sorry I was tied up and we didn't get to chat more. I can't wait to see the headers when their powder coated. FYI they are supposed to add up a 18hp gain. The more add on's the more power you get from them. Just by bolting them on you should add around 12hp. Add intake and exhause and that increases hp closer to 18 because it helps it breathe better, not to mention the gains for the intake and exhaust too!
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