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  • Devin, Long LONG time no speak. Would love to catch up some time- explain myself- if thats possible.
    I have Jerry's NSX in the shop for an AEM FIC and need to locate a harness.
    Tony at UMS in Mesa is going to tune it after I install it even though we now an in house dyno etc- I am not familiar with the system and dont want to learn on a customer car. He has about 40k miles on his BBSC with aftercooler and Alkycontrol's meth sprayer which I installed recently, running only about 8psi on a stock motor. I talked to Travis at your Co. and he reccomended Boomslang for the harness but they only show to 1999 and Jerry's car is a
    2000. Any reccomendations that you can make? The car is down because I restored the harness to factory config and removed the SplitSecond controls so time is kinda urgent. Any advise you have would be greatly apprecaited.
    Hope to hear from you very soon.
    Mark Basch
    602 267 9012- shop
    480 414 5936 - cell
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