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  • Hi Drew! I got your name from Lars Heineken who is currently trying to get my oem na1 '92 radio back in working order.
    Unfortunately it's not going so well, and I'm in need of "new" internals. He thought you might have a eudm radio or internals still laying around that could be helpful?
    Could you let me know if you are willing and able to help? Thanks alot! Gr Jurriën Hillen.
    Yes. I saw your post. OE clusters are getting expensive, in the $1K range for a used one. You can still purchase the gauge and PCB new for USD$500 from Amayama. This might actually be worth it as YOU can sell your existing gauge for about US$250 (I know I have sold at least 2x for this price to others that have migrated their car to CA.). I might even purchase your old PCB as I have my own cluster project going on. Heck, if you weren't so hell-bent on having a large swept MPH, then you could go full NSX-R for not a whole lot more money (when compared to a rebuild service).
    I think I would rather just swipe an OE gauge, but I may actually be suffering from a capacitance problem in the gauge cluster itself, so a recalibration wouldn't be out of the question since I will probably be removing the cluster for repair here shortly anyway. Thanks for the tip.
    It's a nice suggestion, but the problem is that the entire gauge must change. Japanese cars only went up to 180kph, so a simple gauge face change won't do. I'm trying to source a Canadian speedo so I can keep everything in km (odo) while having a reference to mph across a larger speed band.
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