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  • Ok so far we have my car, your car and Steven Price on the shore there is the yellow/black one in Whangaparoa area there is also Jim in Kerikeri and Fraser with his monster track car in Wellington.
    What we are trying to acheive over time is not a club but a group of enthusiastic owners who every now and them might do a track day together just like they do in UK or States so if you are keen that means we have 5 guys and if we can find the yellow owner 6 if we can do this it should be a bit of fun getting them out on the track at once not racing just circulating, Frasers going to whip our arses anyway so we wont win there regardless of whether you have an auto or manual.
    Like i said i dont want to start a club just a contact group of owners 4 of us are confirmed for the NZ Honda track day on the 1st of December this year if you can make it sign up and come along none of us have done this with NZ Hondas before so its all new to all of us even with track time.
    really ? didn't we have a few nsx around this side. i will attempt to resolder the relay tomorrow and see how it goes *fingers crossed* have a great weekend mate ! :)
    Last message for tonite there is a yellow one in the Whangaparoa Silverdale area we are trying to track down, we have some track days coming up so would like to get a few owners together, by the way i have my old relay if you need it until your new one gets here
    hi scammy, yep will do mate as soon as the car is going again. it's good to know there is another nsx, especially a good one like yours, lurking around very close to where i live :)
    Hey mate when you want to catch up just send me a note either on here or my email is [email protected] i can talk NSX all day anything you want to know i have either done it or looked at it, comes with owning for so long i suppose
    hi scammy.. nice nsx mate. mine is completely standard and not going at the moment, i think the main relay is stuffed :( do you know any good workshop around that knows what they're doing with nsx ? where did you get all your nice "blings" in your nsx ? i'm very interested on the exhaust and the ati damper pulley - probably not gonna do much in an automatic nsx though
    Hey guys I am in 0632 Albany as well would you like to meet at some stage i may have tried contacting you already as we are trying to get a few NSX's together.
    anyway let me know if youre keen
    hi jim. thanks for the reply. im in auckland, new zealand. post code is 0632. let me know what you can do. thanks.
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