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  • I saw him yesterday, dropped off my car to tighten the heat shield and a couple of other small things before Sat. I saw yours and your seat from the passenger side view, and was surprised how much wear your seat had for such low mileage, I can see why you want to replace it, to bad the rest of the seat looks great. He said you will have it back for sure. When should we expect you to show up on Sat.?
    I can't believe you needed coils - what was that all about. With the mileage on your car it doesn't seem like you'd need that. Sounds like a lot of work and then the rack bushings - mine has 41k and I actually replaced the rack but Barney was going to reuse the bushings - said they were fine - I just replaced them anyway with SOS urethane bushings. But they were fine which makes me wonder about your rack bushing needs? I guess it may depend on where it had been located for all those years. Mine was in Texas most of the time, since 94.

    I hadn't even had mine but one day when I drove it 800 miles to Barney from Houston to Nashville and flew home. This past weekend on Sat. my wife and I drove up picked up the car and came right back. So about 400 miles. Lot of driving and it tired us out, but we made it safe and sound and the car is AWESOME - I mean they all are.

    You know lot of folks here talk about SCs and TCs - I don't get it. The car is waaaay fast bone stock. I took it out twice yesterday; I mean where in the hell are you gonna use more acceleration and speed around town - I ask you. These cars are really fast. They are surely modern day fast.

    Saturday on the way home from going out to dinner, I was getting on the expressway and some jughead in an Integra - obviously souped up - got right next to me and just floored it and took off - it was fast but he was a tool. You don't need to prove anything when you have a car like this. You proved how smart you were when you bought the NSX - right!

    Anyway, it's a great car and I really am enjoying driving it.
    So Kenny what did you get and what are you having done to yours? Once this is done you'll be just doing regular maintenance as in oil changes. It'll be great!
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