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  • Thought I'd post here instead of the string going on the 5k red one. Too bad you couldn't have gotten it or someone on this site. Wonder what it sold for? I still think if you could have gotten it for 35k you'd have had a good one. I don't care what anyone says - that kind of mileage is impossible to beat and that means you get an almost new car. No way to put a value on that really. I'm sure it needed some stuff - the owner didn't know what the deal is on that. It just goes to show that the dealer that bought that white one for 37k new something. This one probably went around that price - and may have gone to a dealer - like many of them do. Those low milers are going to get awfully hard to find.

    Hope things work out for you to get one soon.

    These are different, these are 16x8 and 17x9 with a 42 offset around. S2k spec are 17 7.5 and 17 8.5. I have an s2k spec for sale in mint condition too!
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