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NA1/2-R GT
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  • what is the lowest you can sale it with your carbon center console and carbon door inserts together with shipping to 11219? thank you
    Hey Dan,

    Any word on the ARC exhaust?


    p.s. - I finally swapped over to my full OEM NA2 exhaust setup ('05 exhaust manifolds, '00+ test pipes, '00 muffler). I love it, but now it makes me want a "real" exhaust, lol. So if it was an '00+ ARC exhaust, that would be perfect! hahaha
    Hi Dan, I bought my first nsx (1995 midnight pearl) last summer and I live in lacey. I noticed your posts on nsxprime and wanted to open communications. Been wondering if there are any nsx clubs in Washington state and just get connected. Sick setup btw. :)

    Hi Dan, This is Chinh. I sat in your car at that NSX2K meet a few months back. I was just wondering what exhaust you were running? ARC?
    Hi there, you need to create a Wiki vendor page to sell what you wish to sell (in-quantity). Marketplace for sale subforum isn't the right place for such sales. It takes perhaps 5 mins' to make a Wiki vendor page.

    NSX Prime admin' is very pro-active towards enforcement of this.
    Your vendor thread is temporarily closed, as-per your pending Wiki vendor page link in your sig. As soon as such is completed, the thread will be reopened immediately, so no worries. Thanks for addressing this matter!
    Please make an NSX Prime vendor Wiki page & then link it your sig.

    This needs to be done ASAP to prevent deletion/closing of any/all vendor-related threads.

    Details: **NOTICE of new requirement for all vendors ***

    (deleted/closed threads can still be restored/reopened after compliance)
    I am interested in your passenger side front fender.
    I have tried to PM & Email, but both are locked.

    Please PM me and let me know if you still have the fender for sale.
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