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  • Please don't try to remove the NSX V.I.N. from the title AND body of your for-sale thread, which was actually added by a moderator as-per NSX Prime marketplace rules (thus preventing thread deletion). The images of the Carfax report do contain the V.I.N. but they can be removed/deleted. NSX Prime admin' is very adamant & clear towards the enforcement of this.

    For more information, please read this: Use this template for all NSX For Sale listings

    G'luck w/ your sale.

    - NSX Prime marketplace moderation
    hey Jason

    its been a while since i last saw you at Erick's house and got a test ride in your CTSC (i think 2 yrs ago). after sitting on the fence i finally decide to go CTSC. I drove my friends Porsche 997 turbo and realized that my NSX is waayyyy to slow.

    last time i saw you i got a ride in your nsx it felt pretty fast. did you have the 6lbs kit or the high boost kit? Also having your kit for a few years now do you have any issues? I think you said its pretty low maintenance. BTW, you have a 400 hp BMW??? WTF.... is it faster than your NSX?

    Do you still have the photo of the Q45 90 MM TB next to the stock NSX?
    if so can you send it to me or repost on prime?
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