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  • Hey Oscar, regards to 02 oem wheels, read past articles on it. You stated that you have 25mm spacers all around. Curious to know, any issues on the front wheels with 25mm? Anything that you would recommend not doing? I just pick up a 02 set for 91 Nsx, running Bilstein with Swift spring 1.35in lower. Few guys have told me to stick with 15mm up front and 25mm rear. And some say go all 25mm. I’m a bit confused, your info should give me a better perspective,
    Hey Oscar, you sent me a message to Mr. Rod, maybe you are wanting to talk with my buddy Rod. He's a good guy and enthusiastic as well. My name is Tim, so I'm a bit baffled but maybe you thought my name was Rod and you were trying to get me? Not sure but I want you to know that I enjoy your posts as well and you are on my list of friends. So we surely have talked privately before. All the best.

    Oscar - thanks for you last post - really great - with that picture - you must remember the old days. I'm 59 - I remember that actor. I am really tired of talking about stupid vettes. The next a hole that starts a thread like this - well I'll probably not even speak to it. I tried to get thru - hopeless - I'm trying to rally the troops to support one another not divide us with Vettes for crying out loud.

    Thanks for you post - I'm letting it die.
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