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  • Finally back on business 29of may 2010!!
    Been in hospital and after driving Formula F1 car!!!
    Hey Pegi-

    I've looked at your project and I must say firstly congrats on the health situation! Always nice to hear such good things! But your NSX is looking awesome! Love the blacked out taillights against that nice white paint job.

    No projects for me at the moment as I've sold both my ex-NSX's (fear of losing my job at the moment). But alas I'll get another NSX next year when I return to Canada.

    See the Penguin's took the Stanley Cup...awesome series and incredible seeing as they were 0-2 down to start...
    Hey Pegi ,
    Hello jsut wanted to say happy holidays and wanted to see how you where doing me and down force are thinking of you and wish you wellness. Happy New Year and if there is anything we can help please ask take care your friends at DOWNFORCE =)
    Hello my friend Pegi !
    How are you ? I hope your health condition is OK now and improving every day !
    Thanks to you, fixing my NSX is in progress now. I have almost all parts I need, the car will also change colour :D
    In february, hopefully it will be back in my garage.
    Greetings from Eric in Belgium !!
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