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  • Hi there. I'm looking for new cats for my 91 primarily to pass CA smog. Do you have any in stock? How much are you asking? Thanks!
    Hey mate, interested in an injector set for my 91 auto, and shipping to Australia. Let me know if it's possible, thanks!
    How it going I'm on a hunt for the black cover
    that goes on the top any luck also if not how
    does it cost to ship the manifold well thanx
    for the time pj also my email is change to
    [email protected] gmail not workin lately
    hey brian

    it was nice meeting you at Erick's house on Saturday. I was the one getting my steering wheel changed. I'll keep your hi-flow cats in mind. you said the lead time is about 1-2 weeks. Also good job on the turbo. Let me know when you're ready to demo the product. i'll definetly be paying attention now i've met the "creator" of the CTSC killer.... haha.
    Ed Chan
    hi im looking into your prospeed stage 3 rom currently i have just the taitec GTLW exhaust on but i am planning to buy headers and intake so i looked into chipping and most recomended you so here i am i was wondering if you were still selling these chips. i have smog issues is thier a way to revert back to stock when smog season arise? how hard is the mod to put on DIY and last question do i need any further tuning with this chip on or its pretuned my Email is [email protected]
    Hey buddy, I never got a PM to where to send the money. What form of payment do you guys accept. I will be back up in a couple weeks and hopefully we can meet up then.
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