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  • Hey Rod,

    Thanks for the great email. You did get a good deal. Having the clutch replaced is a big deal - 2400. I did that myself. Funny thing is that the clutch most likely would have lasted a while longer but the pedal feel was so stiff it felt wrong - came to find out that the Acura Dealer that replaced it in 97 used the wrong grease of all things and that's why the pedal felt bad. Now the pedal feels good but it still shudders a bit in first gear when I feather it out. How bout yours? I'm a little confused about that as it hasn't been what I expected really. It works fine but that shutter is supposed to go away - Barney said it would. We'll see. I'm very easy on a clutch - been driving them all my life and I sure don't want to have to replace it again anytime soon. You know I heard you can put the later model clutch and flywheel in - of course it's almost 2 times as much - 4000 approx. Thats a bunch for a clutch but if it works really nicely it might be worth it.

    I'd like to hear your impressions of your clutch !

    I did have my master, slave and flywheel replaced at the same time. So it's operating about as good as it can I suppose.

    I know what you mean about the front lip under the valence it is low and I have to be careful too, that's why I took out the Eibach springs and went back to stock - it gave me a much needed inch or so. It's more comfortable too. Glad I did it.

    Talk soon Rod,

    Hey Rod,
    How do you get a picture of your car on your name like you have - I went to edit but didn't see how to do that.

    Say, you bought yours not too long ago it seems what have you had to do to it since you bought it? Did you get a good deal? How do you like it? Seems like you feel like I do. How many miles on yours? It looks nice! I like the wheels. I'd like to get some pics on my profile so others could see my car.
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