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  • Raj: Just signed up for next tracks days last night-
    Track days run from 200 per day to 375 per day.
    Some groups promote cheap others promote top instruction.
    I've done both. This event is my Summer's end educational present to myself.
    Top instruction with Chin Motor Sports at Watkins Glen- 2 days
    labor day weekend - cost 700 - I also need to do rotors and pads
    before then, I cooked them in last 6 track days.
    The other groups I have been with are NASA, TrackDaze and SCDA.
    Chin did the NSX club track days last year at Lightning - and the owner of Chin has a coulple turbo-charged NSX's [600-650 hp]-he's also an accomplished instructor, so I am sure I'll get special attention and training
    specifically for the nsx. Charles--
    Raj: Equally a pleasure - thanks - I sent Larry an email when I got back to let him know we met. Waiting his reply. What year & mileage car will you be looking for? I would look in the Northeast, have primers help you look at car in person [if it is far away] and personally I would only be concerned about snap ring- that last known timing belt job is documented, compression and that everything basically works, engine sounds good and synchros work. - then buy it real fast. Fix it up a bit then you'll get another 100k miles out of it. and yes, take it to the track and don't worship it but drive it.
    Talk to you soon. Charles
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