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  • If/when you develop some F/R anti-roll/sway-bars for the NSX (1" or 1.125" or 1.25") along w/ needed hardware/brackets, consider a set sold to me.
    I am interested in purchasing the gold test pipes. I asked a question about the pipes fitting my '99. My exhaust is a Taitec with adapter pipes. Would I have to take the adpater pipes off or would they stay on? Also, as I mentioned in my post I would like them so my check engine light would be off, is this possible. If so, could you send me a invoice and I would like to purchase these pipes. Thanks. [email protected]
    Thanks for everything you provided for the NSXcraze meet. Will definitely be purchasing parts from you in the near future. Hope to meet you at the next meet also.
    Ross, thanks for the box of goodies you provided for NSX Craze thru Zishan. It was very generous of you.
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