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  • And my cell is 847-910-9871. It'd be nice to know fellow nsx owners in the area.
    Hi synth19, I'm the owner of the black nsx parked in front of oak Brook park district today. Thanks a lot for the note. I'm not on prime but just registered to send you this message. We can connect on IG or texts my user name on IG is tixnkix. Thanks!
    Hey Synth19, How's it going? My name is Steven, always been a fan of your pictures and your car. So I've recently started looking into modding the NSX and came across your post for "track down memory lane" with your 6-7 pictures of your current/past wheels. I noticed in one of the pictures you had a rocker panel splitter I believe that is? I was wondering what brand of the splitter that is? Thanks,Steven
    Hello , may i have the title and artist of the song from your "Umbrella Auto Design: High Quality Vids of Ride Height Kit" vid.

    Hello- I am looking at buying your previous 91 silver NSX- currently for sale on Prime- I am wondering if you know who/why left quarter was painted? Car is very nice overall and well taken care of- will need a clutch soon though. I like the updated roof and the few mods it has are tasteful ones. I have seen the pile of receipts on the car- wonder if there's any other relevant info you can add? Thanks very much- I am looking forward to joining the ranks of NSX owners soon.
    :D I just wanted to say hi and say that I too own a Taurus SHO. Actually i own two! a silver 93 Atx and a 95 White Mtx. Its nice to see that i am not alone on this forum. I love my white one but i am looking for an nsx to complete my addiction. Anyways nice meeting you.
    Car looks good. I like the color. Should look great with wheels. The one i'm buying is owned by L5-S1NSX. He has it listed here.
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