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  • thats good news for the bike. a bike will ruin your relationship! i have had my license for 4 years now and your woman will complain u ride the bike more than her lol! its addictive and i liked it as well especially on the hot days man u have no traffic (the way i ride) far as the sub dave i dont know how to do it. my guy is outside changing my shocks now but i would lovee it done dave because my sub is blown and they say i will keep blowing until i get it fiber glassed. well u have the number give me a hollar when u got some time. did u go to the last run they gave?
    hey dave how are you. a friend of mine has parts off a 91 nsx and i wanna help him get rid of the parts. i bought the engine, calipers,shocks,bacically the whole car u can say. only thing left off of it is the transmission on it 2200... 70k miles on it. off of him just in case when i turbo mine out i have a back up. the interior id beige. i bought all the computers as well. hey dave did u ever get the motorcycle? i think i may want another one im leaning hard towards it. i really wanna find a place to do my sub woofer like urs dave because the place i went to wants to take 2 weeks. how are the dogs ad that little fiesty one lol? well 973-767-4024 is my number i would like to speak to u see whats going on.
    Dad just text me someone is selling a 2005 cbr 600 honda for 5k so far but anything comes by us i will let u know.
    as far as the 600 goes dave i will ask around.i will check my bike club as well as my pops bike club. i tought my pops how to ride and he rides all the way until its gets cold out. i went to school for my license 3 years ago. bikes are addictive dave and the rush feels like when u hit ur gas pedal in nsx woa! but also look on craigslist.com there are many bikes on there, im looking for aother 750 gsx-r suzuki. will let u know something soon.
    Dave i would love to go but sept 10th i will be leaving to fight in lost vegas. The fight is sept 27th. Wow man i would love to do this run. Have fun. Ooh and im getting a little knowledge i changed my front brakes on my own yesterday!
    also dave i took larrys advice and called bridgewater acura for the a/c and lasko answered and blew me off by saying "he will have someone call me" i know he still a bit sour because i told him i would pound him if he didnt stop making comments down talking me about my car making rude posts so i kinda figured he would blow me off but when im ready im gonna take it to montclair acura for a/c. I SEE HE IS JEALOUS OF U BECAUSE YOUR "PUT TOGETHER" CAR AS HE CALLS IT WILL KICK HIS CARS BUTT! BESIDES YOU BEING A NICE GUY THATS THE REAL REASON I GO TO THOSE MEETS TO SEE HIM GET SPANKED I REALLY WANNA RECORD THAT! YOU CAR HAS BETTER GADGETS THAN ANY NSX I HAVE EVER SEEN AND BESIDES THE LOVFAB TURBO I SEE YOURS 2ND FASTEST. I ALWAYS TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOURS DAVE. WELL IF U GET TIME ANSWER FEW QUESTIONS FOR ME I WANNA SEEE THAT NEW COLOR UP CLOSE DAVE.
    hey dave its mike. i have a question. what shop did this labor for you that way i know where to get good nsx work done? also how much did they charge u to do your motor the 1st time where u did the pistons over or something and you sent the motor off?
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